Lawn Turf Mowing Calendar Guide

Lawn Turf Mowing Calendar Guide


March Grass will be starting to grow. The grass can have its first cut of the year if it is dry. A high cut is required

April As temperature and growth increases  you can commence with fortnightly lawn mowing

May & June The cut height can be lowered and weekly mowing can begin

July & August If dry, growth will be slow and grass will need to be mown at intervals of 2-3 weeks. 
September The end of August and September is a good growing time so mow frequently.

October Less frequent mowing required due to the grass growing much slower than in Summer,  raise the cut to winter height 

November The last cut of the year will probably be made this month

Winter  The grass can have a light, high cut during these months to keep the garden neat and tidy. Be careful if the soil is very wet and spongy as the mower can damage the grass and will require much more attention in the spring as a result.