Buy Bark Online

You can buy bark online to improve the growth of plants and trees, or use bark for decorative purposes. In fact, bark chips can be used for at least nine various purposes in gardens and lawns, which we will list below.

9 Reasons to Use Bark Mulch:

1. Boost Plant Growth: mulched plants grow twice faster than ones that are exposed, which is one of the reasons to buy bark online. Coniferous bark is especially useful for conifers, heather, and rhododendrons.

2. Protect Plants from heat/cold: covering the roots is important for plants and shrubs that are intolerant to cold temperatures. Mulching creates an even temperature in the soil and protects plants from harsh temperature changes. If you buy bark online and apply it, your soil will be cooler in the summer heat and warmer in the winter cold.

3. Control Weeds/Pests: a dense layer of bark restricts light, thus preventing weeds from germination. This does not harm perennials. Bark also discourages moles and repels insects and roundworms. You can buy bark online to minimize weeds and pests.

4. Retain Moisture in the Soil: mulching prevents the upper layer of soil from drying out. This is especially important for arid regions, and that’s why people from such areas often buy bark online.

5. Keep Soil Loose without Digging: bark prevents soil from solidifying after rain and watering. Even heavy soils can improve in a few years of mulching.

6. Prevent Erosion: mulch protects the soil from wind, rain and sun. It prevents topsoil from wearing away and cracking, which is another reason to buy bark online.

7. Promote Healthy Micro-Flora: mulch encourages microorganisms that make humus, helping to build a fertile layer in the soil.

8. Environmental Safety: mulching provides environmental safety of the soil near roads. Thus, you can buy bark online and use it to cover soils near a road. Every few years, the polluted layer can be removed and replaced with a fresh one.

9. Improve the Garden’s Appearance: plants tend to look neater and more attractive on a background of decorative bark. You can buy bark online and use it for rose and heather gardens, mix borders, and various decorative plantings. Not only will your garden look great, but it will also fill with a pine-like aroma.

3 Simple Tips for Mulching: Simple Tips for Mulching:

  • 1. The bark layer should be 2- 6 inches (5-15 cm) - thinner in shaded areas and thicker in sunny areas.
  • 2. The best time to lay mulch is after a rain, so you don’t have to irrigate the soil.
  • 3. Leave some space between the mulch and the stems for air circulation.

Mulching is simple: remove the weeds, loosen the topsoil, fertilize, plant the plants, water, and lay a layer of mulch.

When you buy bark online, you can choose from a large number of bark types, such as pine bark, decorative mulch, and many others.