General Purpose Topsoil

Screened soil suitable for all your landscaping needs. Bulk bags contain 1000kg/1tonne of product. One bulk bag will cover approximately 25m2 at an inch (2.5cm) depth.
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General Purpose Topsoil

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A heavier blend of soil ideal for building up rockeries and raising up garden and turf beds.

At Garden Turf Supplies, all our grades of top soil are all screened and blended to ensure of a high quality and standard.  We offer three grades of soil to ensure we cater for all your applications from laying your turf, regenerating borders and flower beds, to building up and levelling your garden.  All our soil, once screened and blended, is stored undercover out of the elements to ensure the soil arrives to you in the right condition for use.  

One bulk bag will cover approximately 25m² at an inch (2.5cm) depth.