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Buy Lawn Seed Online to Establish an Inexpensive Lawn

1. Cost: Gardeners choose to buy lawn seed online due to the low cost of seed in comparison to turf. Seed will cost at least a few times less than turf, and in some cases the price can differ by as much as ten times or more.

2. Time Involved: The main advantage of using turf is that it allows for an instant grass cover. All you need to do is level the ground, lay a layer of topsoil (optional), apply a fertilizer, work the fertilizer into the soil, and lay the turf on top. If you buy lawn seed online, you would need months to prepare for sowing it. Moreover, turf can be laid at anytime, while seed is best sowed in the summer or autumn.

3. Grass Species: Turf comes as a mix of several grasses chosen by the manufacturer. Thus, you may be limited in the selection of the exact species for your lawn. It is possible to order custom turf from the manufacturer, but this will cost more and require you to wait. If you buy lawn seed online, you will be able to choose the exact grass species that you want to grow.

4. Weeds and Disease: A poorer quality turf, such as meadow turf, can import a number of weeds and disease into your garden. This will never happen if you choose to buy lawn seed online instead.

Before you buy lawn seed online, try to educate yourself on what exactly is involved in establishing a lawn from seed. Following is a brisk outline of what you may have to do.

First of all, you will need to determine the type of seed that would be best for your area. Grasses have different properties. Some of them grow best in shade while others in the sun. Some are greener while others are less green. Some are more durable while others are soft. It makes sense to know the properties of the common lawns grasses, to ensure that you get the right one when you buy lawn seed online.

Also, grasses have varying sowing rates, which are determined by the following: species sown (bents, fescues, ryegrass), the required quality of the lawn, field loss factor (due to rain, wind, or birds), and others. In general, the higher the required lawn quality is, the more accurate the sowing rate calculations should be.When you buy lawn seed online, you will need to prepare the site. Site preparations include: removing weeds, preparing the seed bed (leveling, obtaining soil crumb), and applying a fertilizer. Sowing is best done in the late summer or early autumn, when the soil is warm and moist.